Influences and innovation
Until 20th  September 2015

 “Discovering the Camargue has made me just as interested in waterfowl and the way that wetland eco-systems work as in Van Gogh! All the more so because these wetlands have suffered something of the same fate as Van Gogh in Arles: for a long time completely ignored and forgotten, they are now recognized as playing a crucial role in the workings of nature. In the same way, Van Gogh is today acknowledged as a precursor of modern and contemporary art, in particular when we think of his Arles period. It is our task to make this known. What I have found in Arles is not only a natural landscape of extraordinary diversity, but also a cultural heritage of enormous richness. Van Gogh’s stay is one facet of this, and I want to play a part in ensuring that it is discovered by as many people as possible.”  

Luc Hoffmann, President