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 Bull run in Camargue the "course camarguaise" is the living story of pure tradition and a passion anchored in the hearts of the inhabitants of Camargue to such an extent that it has become the symbol of all its identity. The ardour, the strength, and the armour of what used to be a simple game, through centuries of immutable rituals, turned the bull into a mythic animal representing the generosity and the power of life.

And with the same ardour, men face the incarnation of this primitive strength which shows its horns and its armour towards the sky as a means showing its boldness. It is for the Camargue bull that the local young lads come to offer their vigour, their courage and their devotion.

The bull run in Camargue, informally called "course à la cocarde" ( the rosette race: the young lads endeavour to snatch rosettes from the bull's head) started in Arles, during the annual festivals. The inhabitants released cows and bulls inside a circle made with carts and barrels. Everyone who enjoyed risk-taking was delighted at this show which announced the upcoming bull run.

The dream of every "manadier" (cowboy) is to have reared a bull, which will have showed the highest fighting spirit so that aficionados, lovers of bullfights, remember its name.