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In Camargue, the so-called "Bouvine" ( celebration and passion for bulls) celebrates bulls and horses in arenas but also in the street.

"L'Abrivado" (abriva = to speed up in provençal language) consists in bringing the bulls  from their pastures to the arenas. The cattle are flanked by cowherds riding their white horses in order to avoid "attrapaires" (young lads from the village) who manage to let the bulls escape. The group of horses and bulls trots through the streets of the village and the crowd is cheering.

The "Bandido" consists in bringing back the bulls to the pastures at the end of the bull run. Bulls are pushed by the cowherds galloping in the streets.

The "Cabestria" ( less frequent) is similar to the "abrivado" but black bulls are replaced by "cabestros" ( Spanish ox that are not aggressive at all).

The "Roussataïo" ( "rosso" means horses used for farming and not for riding) is a herd of brood mares going through the streets between cowherds riding their horses. Nowadays, brood mares are only used for reproduction but they were used to thresh corn and were passed from one village to another.